Friday, December 19, 2014

The Remake Vs. The Original

While some in the film community still believe that we are still in the era of Hollywood's return to myth I definitely believe that we have moved forward into a new era. I think the era we are in currently is a interesting balance between the indie and the blockbuster, the low budget and the big budget, the creative and the typical.

I would call this new era that we are in The Remake Vs. The Original.

I call it this because for the past decade it seems that every film that is being cranked out of Hollywood is either a film based on a book, television show, other film, or it is a remake of a old film. But while Hollywood seems to be stuck in this loop, independent films and the occasional original Hollywood film are on the rise with a reputation with being risky, interesting, creative, and completely original films.

Now, I don't believe that all remakes are bad, and I'm also not saying that every Indie film is a perfect film. I'm just saying that after the seventh Fast and Furious movie you do have to admit that there's a pattern going on here.

With remakes such as Dumb and Dumber To (2014), getting a 26% on Rotten Tomatoes while a original film such as Interstellar (2014) getting a 73%, you have to admit that there's a gap here. While filmmakers, independent and some not, are beginning to embrace this new era of storytelling Hollywood is stuck trying to succeed off of their pasts successes, and failing.

This hesitancy in Hollywood to not try anything new I think ties into the expansion of the film world with the introduction of the digital camera at the start of the century. Suddenly there were an influx of filmmakers, all with a unique voice and a story to tell. Hollywood didn't want to give up any of it's ground so I believe that they've gotten stuck in just plugging in stories to a formula that brought them success in the past, but with the new audience that is arising they can no longer do that without losing ground to the new filmmakers.

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